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Letter of Intent between Rakla and YIT


Rakla and YIT have today signed a letter of intent with the intention of constructing a new safety glass and insulated glass unit (IGU) plant to St. Petersburg. The new factory will provide approximately 8,000 m2 and employ about 80 employees. The factory building will be constructed by YIT and the operation will start during 2013.

This letter of intent now signed between Rakla and YIT is a significant step for the future of Rakla. By means of it we aim to construct in St. Petersburg the most modern European safety glass and IGU plant. For about four years we have been investigating different possibilities to integrate in the growing market of Russia. As result of these investigations we came to the conclusion that YIT will be able to provide the best overall solution for the construction. The location in Gorelovo is excellent and all necessary infrastructure is there in place to guarantee a successful project and start of the business.

The competitive knowledge is based on exclusive know-how and modern technology. The personnel for the new factory will be trained at Rakla’s sites in Finland. As a bridgehead, the St. Petersburg plant together with YIT, will open up magnificent opportunities to develop new solutions to build energy-efficiently and to add to the safety of the built-up environment.

By its turnover, Rakla is the biggest glass processor and wholesale business in Finland. The roots of it go back to year 1945 when Lasitukku Oy was founded after the war to import building glass to Finland. Today, the Rakla business has its basis on safety glasses processing, MGU production and the knowledge of other special glasses. The production units of the Rakla Group in Finland are situated in Helsinki and Tampere. The Group also has daughter companies in Estonia and Russia. Rakla’s turnover budgeted for 2011 is about 20 million euros and the company employs about 100 experts of the glass branch.

For more detailed information please contact

Rakla Holding Oy Heikki Silfver + 358 40 552 6283

ZAO Rakla Vladimir Veltichtchev +7 921 9400 426

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