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Joint venture INTERPANE Glass Oy sold to Rakla


Glaston’s joint venture, the glass processing company INTERPANE Glass Oy, has
today been sold to Rakla Finland Oy.

INTERPANE Glass Oy began its operations on 1st April 2009 and was owned jointly
by  A A A Glass & Design Finland Oy and a subsidiary of Glaston Corporation. The
shareholders of INTERPANE Glass have agreed on rearranging their ownership, and
as a result of the agreement 100% of the shares in INTERPANE Glass Oy were sold
to Rakla Finland Oy. After the rearrangement transaction, Glaston still holds a
EUR 4 million secured loan receivable in INTERPANE Glass Oy.

The result effect of the rearrangement transaction, approximately EUR -2.7
million, is recognized in Glaston’s first quarter result as a financial expense
thus the rearrangement transaction has no effect on Glaston’s operating result.

Arto Metsänen, CEO & President of Glaston Corporation says: “Rakla Finland Oy
has a strong knowledge of glass processing. INTERPANE Glass Oy is sold to a
glass processing professional with a positive outlook for its future

Rakla Finland Oy, founded in 1991, is a significant player in the construction
glass sector. “The technological expertise brought by the completed acquisition
will strengthen Rakla’s chosen line as an expert of innovative and technically
challenging glass solutions. The acquisition will facilitate better customer
service in Finland and also in Russia and the Baltic countries,” says Rakla
Finland Oy’s Chairman of the Board Antti Luukko.

For further information please contact:
Arto Metsänen, President and CEO, Glaston Corporation, Phone +358 10 500 500
Heikki Silfver, Managing Director, Rakla Finland Oy, Phone +358 9 350 9550

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