Rakla in English

palonsuojalasia1-150x150Hi, here is ZAO Rakla in a nutshell.

Rakla established in Russia back in 2009, and operates at the moment mainly as fire resistant glass processor and distrubutor by Pilkington (NSG Group) lisence. Main brands are Pilkington Pyrostop ® and Pilkinton Pyrodur ®. Rakla is also lisenced to process Pilkington fire resistant glass in Finland, and our processes in Saint Petersburg and Helsinki are identical, fully complying with EN14449 and CE-marking.

We also represent profiled glass system Pilkington Profilit™.

Our factory address is Knipovich 12 K 2 (please see map), South East Petersburg, just a couple of miles from Nevski Prospect.

Additional information and inquiries please contact: Margus Kivi, Sales Director, +372 50 51614, margus.kivi (@) rakla.eeVCARD_QR